History of Printed circuit boards

The printed circuit board is considered one of the most important technological inventions ever made. The electronics and engineering world was changed by the introduction of PCBs. The printed circuit board marked the start of the improvement of creating electronic hardware through circuit interconnections. A few components and just a printed circuit board can be made into an outstanding device with different functionalities. The history of how small these components have turned into such great works of art started with its inventor, Paul Eisner.

Paul Eisner was considered a genius for inventing the printed circuit board in 1936

He had contributed huge amounts of knowledge in the electronics industry, making him the Father of Printed Circuits. The idea behind a printed circuit board, or in its abbreviated form, PCB, started sometime around in 1930 when Paul Eisner thought of a way to improve laying out circuits through the use of a printing technology. At the time, the world of circuitry utilized interconnections of wirings, which are very much complex and prone to error as compared to today’s technology.

Printed circuit board Basically, the way engineers do electronics way back in the 1930s was pure manual – without the aid of any technology to improve and speed up the process. Since the printing technology is already accessible, Paul Eisner thought of this a way to make creating circuits less complicated. He thought of using conducting inks as a way to create circuits without the aid of wirings.

During that time, Nazis were persecuting people and the only way Paul Eisner can escape is to accept a job offer in England. He sold his patents on PCBs, but the idea was thought of as ineffective that is why it never really sold well. Due to rejections, in 1943, Paul Eisner thought of a way to integrate PCBs into something with a practical use. He created a radio in which his invention is a main component. He filed a patent for his creation, until such time the American Government had taken notice of his work.

The radio with the PCB was used among the American government’s many war technologies and it was only then that Paul Eisner gained recognition and received the lifetime reward of being a great contributor in the electronics industry. The PCB technology then evolved, creating even more products through practical applications to make people’s lives better. The electronics industry also began to make devices through the PCB and its functionality, until such time that PCBs have become a main part when it comes to electronic hardware.

Printed circuit boards

The evolution of PCBs began during Paul Eisner’s era

Today, PCBs are made in small sizes, making them the best option in lowering costs and reducing the effort of manually creating and interconnecting wires from component to component. Though much have changed ever since the PCBs were invented in the 1930s, the demands of the market today also increased and the need to make Eisner’s invention better is higher year after year. The PCB, hence, is basically shifting from a basic part of an electronic hardware to an essential part of any device.

It has transitioned slowly to meet the demands of this changing era. Faster data transfer and enhanced component function should be the main target of the upcoming versions of the PCB. Surely, everything in today’s world of technology is focused on keeping things fast-paced, and PCBs should be one of them. The development and improvement of the PCB solely depends on how fast young engineers and researchers continue the legacy the inventor had left.
With the technology available today, it is of no doubt that PCBs will still develop and greater functionality will be achieved. These, and only these, would not be possible without the creator of it all, the man behind the history of PCB – Paul Eisner.

The Printed circuit board is an in a flash conspicuous image of both the excellence of gadgets configuration, and its mind-boggling refinement.

Choosing Your Own Golf Club Set

Golfers have a lot of golf club sets to choose from. They could pick according to gender, preferred number of pieces, and of course, preferred types of golf clubs. Sporting goods manufacturers, like Callaway Golf, offer sets composed of high-quality golf clubs. Each complete set will ensure maximum play ability, and players can customize each set with their own preference.

Club sets consist of a combination of different golf clubs encased in a carrier or stand bag with a number of pockets. The golf clubs in these sets are specially chosen for the player’s preference, and depending on the player’s golfing style. Clubs in most sets include putters, fairway woods, irons, hybrids, and drivers. These clubs are mixed and matched depending on the club’s series or levels of forgiveness and speed.

As mentioned, complete club sets, such as those from Callaway Golf, come in carrier bags or in sand bags. These bags are lightweight, durable, and can easily be carried on the golfer’s shoulder with the aid of a bag strap. They include conveniently located pockets, a detachable pouch, tee holders, and a specialized mesh pocket to put in the golfer’s score cards.

Tcallaway golf clubhe carrier bags will protect golf clubs from the harsh rays of the sun and the sudden downpour of rain. Most of the bags come with a rain hood, which a golfer can zip up to shield the clubs from a little drizzle. It is important to keep the clubs safe and away from the harsh rays of the sun, as well as wetness, to avoid damages.

For women golfers, the clubs in their sets are engineered especially for them. Lightweight yet heavy duty clubs are included in each club set for female golfers, ensuring control while being forgiving enough. The most number of pieces in women’s sets are 16. The very best golfing equipment manufacturers, such as Callaway Golf, mix the best golf clubs together so that women can have the time of their lives on the field.

As for customization, golf club sets also vary in color

The usual colors are red, black, white, purple, silver, and pink. Some golfers would even opt to have their golf clubs colored, and it’s also a part of the customization feature readily available in golf equipment manufacturers’ websites.

Although some sets are specially sold to promote a certain series of golf clubs, the golfer can still opt to mix and match different clubs according to his liking. If he prefers to have clubs made for speed, then he can customize the clubs in his set. Most golf equipment manufacturers, including Callaway Golf, will give the golfers an option to mix and match golf clubs, but will also include a list of the clubs available for a certain club set.

callaway golf club
The different clubs in the sets are used for the different courses of the game

There are clubs that are made for the rough, and there are those made for the green. It is more advantageous to have all kinds of clubs in the set, but if that’s not your preference, then choosing clubs that will suit your playing style is also a good alternative. The customization option will help you, as a golfer, to choose the types of clubs that will be included in your set, or better yet, to find a pre-organized set that will suit your playing style.

The right combination of golf clubs in your set will give you an advantage in your next game; the different clubs in your set can aid you in different courses, and will surely lead you to that last shot towards victory.


The Perfect Fit Keynote Speaker

Speaking is one of the most powerful communicative skill humans have. Speech is the vocalized and articulated form of communication that is a mixture of sounds, words and grammar. There are a lot of fields which explore and delve into the science of speech. Examples of these are the fields of psychology, acoustics, speech pathology, communication studies, cognitive science, and otolaryngology. Speech is a powerful tool as it enables a man to narrate stories, express emotions, argue defenses, and encourage others.

Motivational speakers bank into this attribute of speech. They use language to encourage and inspire other people. Also known as a keynote speaker and guest speaker, a motivational speaker is someone tasked to deliver a speech or talk with the intent of arousing excitement and motivation in others. Typically, a keynote speaker is one of good reputation and exceptional educational and career background. There are also keynote speakers who use their extraordinary experiences as the core of their speech.

As reiterated above, the main goal of a keynote speaker is to bring about positive ideas in the minds of their audience. This positive outlook should translate to future positive and active actions in the lives of the audience. There are different types of keynote speakers according to the way they address their audience. Each keynote speaker has a specialty according to renowned motivational speaker Wynn Garrison. Here are the different types of guest speakers:

1. The Industry Speaker

As the title suggests, the industry speaker is the leading expert of his particular field. He’s usually the one with a lot of awards and commendations. As much as the speech of the industry speaker is information laden, it usually lacks in entertainment and charisma.

Keynote Speaker

2. The Entertainment Speaker

He just went up on the stage and already everyone is laughing their lungs out. The entertainment speaker has the likings of a stand-up comedian. He has a story loaded with punch lines and moral lessons. No one will surely doze off while the entertainment speaker has the microphone.

3. The Motivational Speaker

The motivational speaker banks on his personal experiences. He uses such experiences to deliver a powerful inspirational message. He may also use the stories of other people. Some motivational speakers also use humor to liven up the atmosphere and get the attention of the audience.

4. The Celebrity Speaker

As the title suggests, the celebrity speaker is a person who will draw crowds upon mere mention of his name. Getting a celebrity speaker will greatly help in gathering an audience in your event. However, most would usually charge higher than others.

5. The Perfect Fit Speaker

The Perfect Fit Speaker caters to all your needs. He is the perfect balance between all those aforementioned types. The perfect fit speaker is one with a lot of experience with the crowd. He knows how to command attention. The perfect fit speaker will see to it that his message is appropriate for your event.

Keynote speaker

The Perfect Fit Speaker

Wynn Garrison is an experienced keynote speaker who has a background in telecommunications, manufacturing, and financial services. In his teens, Wynn Garrison worked with basketball legend Hank Aaron to promote the first video gaming system in the world. He has also worked with Magnavox. Aside from that, he was also a part of Fortune 500 Company as the youngest department head in its history. He toured as a professional comedian. He is also a best-selling author. He wrote The REAL truth about Success which was a big hit on Amazon.com.

Wynn Garrison is the perfect motivational speaker as attested by his previous clients. He has become a motivational speaker for some of the biggest names in the world such as American Express, United Airlines, Subway, NAPA Auto Parts, and Wells Fargo.

American Express noted that he exceeded their expectations. He energized and engaged the crowd. The American Express audience was so impressed that they gave him a standing ovation. He gave a speech that was both powerful and humorous.

On the other hand, Subway said that he was fast, funny and entertaining. They were amazed at how he was able to deliver his message in just 60 minutes. His energy level was also over the top.

Wynn Garrison is the perfect balance between a motivational speaker, entertainment speaker and industry speaker. Wynn Garrison surely knows how to use and take advantage of the human gift that we humans have been given – speech.