Things You Should Buy from a Pawn Shop

pawnUnless you have a lot of money, you probably look for discounts and ways to save money when you can. Shopping online is a great way to save money – saving money on utility bills, groceries, and car insurance are other ways. Here’s another way you may have never thought about – shopping at your local pawn shop. Going to a pawn shop is a viable way for you to save money on many items and here’s why …

They Myth about Pawnshops

When you read the phrase “pawn shop,” what type of image popped in your head? Many picture a guy wearing a wife-beater t-shirt behind a counter, watching television with a gun at his side and random items piled throughout the area.

Believe it or not, there are many pawn shops out there that don’t fit this scenario. In fact, there are very professional and clean, with a nice smell in the air. Don’t let those myths about pawnshops prevent you from saving money today.

What You Should Buy from a Pawn Shop

Jewelry – If you’re looking for jewelry, then go ahead and go to the pawn shop. The jewelry there is clean and has that brand new look to it. The only real difference between the jewelry in a pawn shop and the jewelry at a jewelry store is the price.

At the pawn shop, the price for jewelry is about half of what you would expect to pay at the jewelry store. Simply going to a jewelry store and paying full price isn’t worth it – not when you can get jewelry at a discounted price at your local pawn shop.


US Gold and Silver Coins –Do you have a certain coin you have been searching for for what seems like years? If you were to go purchase the coin from an actual collector, you will end up having to pay the “collector” price, and we’re sure you know how much that can be.

By going to a pawn shop, you may be able to find the rare coin you have been trying to find. is a place that is known for selling US gold and silver coins.

Rolex Watches

If you’re wanting a new watch, then why not go to a pawn shop and see if you can find one? Some pawn shops offer Rolex watches at a really good price.


You see, you can go to your local pawn shop and buy the items you need, while saving money. The top items to look for at a pawn shop include jewelry, gold and silver coins, and watches.