Want to Restyle Your T-Shirt? Here are Ideas You Can Use

Do you have a stock of old t-shirts in your closet? You might not want to throw them away just yet. We’re not saying you need to force yourself into wearing them again, either. After all, we understand that in fashion, you can’t wear something too often as it will lose its charm. What you can do is repurpose these old t-shirts.

There are many ways to customize t-shirts. Here are some of the best ideas that you can try:

  1. Vintage Bed Jacket

Vintage Bed JacketIf you have great sewing skills, you can easily turn your old t-shirt into a vintage bed jacket. It’s a fun piece which you can mix and match with your other clothing pieces. It’s especially perfect to wear when the weather is warm. All you need to make it is a T-shirt, marking pen, thread, scissors, and sewing machine.

  1. Cut-Out Shoulder Shirt

If you are an amateur at sewing, you can try turning your t-shirt into cut-out shoulder shirt instead. You can cut away the fabric in the areas that need cutting and finish the work with simple stitches. The best thing about this restyled shirt is that you can wear it with a skirt, and you can go to a party.

  1. Crop Top

To those who can’t stitch, you can re-purpose your shirt into a crop top. All you need to make this happen is a pair of scissors. This is best done one with a printed baggy t-shirt. It adds style to an otherwise simple shirt style. You can then complete your style with a high-waisted skirt or trousers.

  1. Custom Hoodie

If you have more than one t-shirt available to use, you can perhaps create a custom hoodie. The process may be complex, but with the right guide, you can do it. Just make sure that whatever two shirts you choose, they have complimentary colors or designs. Otherwise, you’ll be creating a disastrous piece of clothing.

  1. Dress

With an XXL shirt that can cover you all the way down to your legs, you can easily create a cute dress. You only need to make a mark on the shirt where you want the dress to cling to your body. Then, you need to position an elastic around the mark. Of course, sewing the on the shirt will require basic sewing skills.

  1. Skirt

If the shirt is not big enough to be your dress, you can simply turn it into a skirt. This, however, may require medium-level sewing skills. Depending on the tightness of the shirt, you may end up with a tight or loose skirt. It’s best that you do this with an unprinted or patterned t-shirt.

  1. Diamond Smocking

Smocking is an embroidery technique that you can do by gathering fabric and stretching it. It’s usually used in necklines, cuffs, and bodices to add design to a piece of clothing. You can also use it to add volume and depth to your t-shirt. All you need to do this are a piece of scissors, a needle, and thread.

  1. Dip Dye

Dyeing is an easy way to turn a boring plain t-shirt into a more colorful one. If you’ve mastered the art, you can even create an ombre effect. However, for beginners, you can start with a dip dye. The process is simple. You need to gather the ends of the shirt and dip it in a jar of dye.

  1. Spray Paint

If you want a more edgy design, you can make a stencil, position it on the shirt, and spray on it using a spray paint. It’s that easy. You can use this idea not only on a shirt but also on a custom hoodie. Just remember that a spray paint is not meant to create a clean design.

  1. Draped Vest

Draped VestWith a big shirt, it’s possible for you to create a vest. And all you’ll need to make the draped vest is a piece of scissors. Be careful to cut the t-shirt symmetrically. Styling it may take time, but the end product is something you can wear with your casual clothes. Pair it with jeans or shorts and a sleeveless shirt, and you’re good to go!


With a bit of creativity and a passion for craft, you can restyle any old t-shirt into something you can wear again. Restyling old t-shirts will help you save money and diversify your closet. If you run out of ideas, you can always seek inspiration from others.